The Best Guide for Buying Baseball Tickets (NPB) in Japan 2019

Baseball is Japan’s most popular sport and attending a game while travelling in Japan is a great experience. The games are always lively and tickets are typically inexpensive.

Teams that offer online purchasing in english

Unsurprisingly the most popular teams in the league including both Tokyo teams offer ticket purchases in English and don’t require a Japanese address.

The other teams

These other teams will require some work and a bit of Google Translate. They will require a Japanese address and possibly a working Japanese phone number which your hotel address and phone number should suffice.

Hiroshima Toyo Carp…

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp are a notoriously hard ticket to get; if you aren’t on the website right when they become available, you are likely out of luck on advance tickets. Voyagin or Stubhub might be the best bet in this scenario although they add a surcharge.

Ticket pick-up options

You’ll be able to pick up your ticket through a bunch of different means depending on which team you’re buying from.

  • QR or Barcode
  • Smartphone Ticket
  • Print at 7-11
  • Print at FamilyMart
  • Will Call
  • Delivery in Japan

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